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Three types of bags you need ‘on the road’.

Hello lovelies, How are you? I’ve had a hell of a day I cannot lie and as I type this I’m willing the children in the room next door to me to stop screaming so I can hear myself think. I’m also watching The Affair, I’ve been watching it for over a year now as its on Showtime which I refuse to pay yet another subscription for so I only watch it when I stay in a Marriott hotel and they have it for free!. Hence why its taking me so long lol. I’m on season four though so almost there. Have you seen it?.

Ok, the reason you’re here. The three types of bags I think that are perfect for the frequent traveler and why.

  1. The shopper or tote. They’re big and roomy, pack easily and are great for the beach, extra things we find along the way or running errands/grocery shopping.

  2. The Crossbody. This particular coach one I find fabulous. Ive had it for over six years now and its still standing strong. It’s leather, has a small pocket on the outside perfect for a phone, a small pocket inside where I usually keep my room key or small item and the main compartment can fit another phone, purse/wallet, lipstick, hand sanitizer and a small camera. It’s flat design means to packs perfectly in the little mesh compartment of your case or flat in between your clothes.

  3. The multitasker bag. This particular gem works as a crossbody, shoulder bag, belt bag or clutch. It is small, so not great for a da bag unless you dont carry or need a lot but perfect to elevate a look or in the evening. The best part. It takes up little to no space.

I‘ve linked my favorite ones below or similar for you. Ahhhh, amazing what a little bit of writing therapy can do for you! Feeling better already.

Have a super day,

Abbi x

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