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The best 5 shoe dupes on Amazon

Hello lovelies,

If you’re anything like me and I think you might be, then you love Style and Fashion, follow the trends somewhat and want allllll the shoes.

Well, quite frankly thats unattainable to the average Abbi like myself, not practical nor sustainable.

So, over the last couple of years I’ve found myself looking to good old Amazon where a lot of sellers jump on the trends pretty quickly and get some pretty good ‘dupes’ out for us stylish but broke fashionistas.

So here are my top five right now.

  • Chanel slingbacks are just the ultimate in chic footwear and this pair here are a pretty phenomenal dupe. Already on their way to me!

  • These Jimmy Choo like pink bow heels are the ultimate fantasy shoe or fancy event.

  • Ever fawned over Loeffler Randalls pleated gold mule on every influencer going?. I know I have and also whilst walking round Bergdorfs or Bloomingdale’s, well now we can have our very own version.

  • Im a huge fan of Botega and I do find this style more wearable than some of their other designs and the color is absolutely perfect for Spring/Summer.

  • If you have a Spring wedding coming up I think these Jimmy Choo like embellished nude heels are simply perfect.


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