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Packing Tips and Being Basic.

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Being a Flight Attendant I most definitely have an advantage over many when it comes to packing. I pack and unpack almost as much as I sleep!

When I was a commercial Flight Attendant in the Uk working for British Midland and British Airways, I knew where I was going and how many days I would be away making life that little bit easier. Warm destination, lighter clothing, Cold destination, heavier clothing or layering (we’ll touch on that later).

Seems simple right? Pretty much. Now lets skip to 5 and a half years as a corporate Flight Attendant and most of the time having little to no knowledge what my destinations will be and whether or not I’ll be mixing hot and cold temps. Still seem simple? It is but you have to get smart.

Being basic doesn’t mean boring to me. Being basic means coming home, the starting ground, back to home base if you like. It’s having the core staples to create other looks with ease. Basic can easily turn into elevated and classy And I’ll show you how as we go.

Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean that life has to be spent in leggings and a T-shirt!!!!!!!.

Let’s get out of that habit, lets create a new wave of Flight Attendants that give a ‘Bleep” about how they look on their layovers. I’m bringing old school back Baby!.

When I‘m packing I like to “try” and live by the three color rule which really takes the guesswork out of what I take with me as sticking within those color parameters means I can get the most of my limited pieces by mixing and matching.

I have included a ‘Starter Kit”. This was my first ever style board I created and it still stands pretty strong as far as the pieces included but let it be just that, the place where we come back to when we feel a little lost or overwhelmed with our choices or decisions. Let’s start here and build together knowing that your life on the road will be anything but basic. Let’s start at our Home Base.

Please let me know in the comments below what your current struggles are, or on the flip side, your “Top Tips’. Lets build a community of Fabulously stylish Flight Attendants. Who will be the next top FashionFlyer?. I hope its you!.

Here’s the link to a short Video showing you my Basics.What’s in my case?

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