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Consignment and Sustainability

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Do you Practice Sustainability? Have you ever shopped at a consignment store?. I‘m definitely not perfect but when it comes to Fashion I do try when I’m looking for a luxury item or something that’s a bit out of my price range, OR, I missed out on a particular item and I’m on the hunt.

I look to consignment stores or sites for the following reasons.

  • A. I cant afford everything that catches my eye!.

  • B. Fashion is such a fast moving culture.

  • C. Trends come and go.

So, I’ve looked to companies like The Real Real,Vestiaire and Poshmark to source some items that I would not normally be able to afford or afford new at least. Sometimes you get really lucky and pick up something NWT (new with tags) because someone missed the return cut off or they just didn’t end up using or wearing those items for whatever reason.

I have a pair of Gucci black patent heels that I first bought in New York Brand new in 2011and they were the comfiest heels I ever owned but over time they started to wear, but I LOVED them. So, I scoured the web for a couple of years and found the same pair NWT On Vestiaire. I couldn’t believe my luck so I pounced on them immediately.

I found two of my pairs of Christian Louboutins at Consignment Brooklyn in Boerum Hill. It’s such a cute store and they always have great pieces.

What lead to this post was that I was in the Real Real store a couple of days ago in Dallas and posted it on my Instagram stories and so many people didn’t realize they had actual stores so I thought the information of all the locations would be good for everyone.

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You can shop AND consign at the following locations.

You can Consign ONLY at the following Locations.

So go and check them out even if its just to browse and get some inspo. We all deserve a little luxury in our lives.

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