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A Happy and Healthy New Year.

Well here we are, 2022. We made it another year. This year will be one of many changes for me. More to come on those but one will include a move. (stay tuned for that). But the important changes I’m making are those to my health, not like here we go I must do every excercise class going, take up running and start Karate. I’m talking about those changes to my internal health, the one that makes you glow from the inside out.

It’s so important to look after yourself especially when you’re on the road so I thought I’d share with you the small changes I’ve made. Just a few supplements to try and stay ahead of the game with weight management and sleep, as I fight sleep and struggle with bloating.

I have tried to do fasting but my hours are so varied that I find it hard, but I do try. I also TRY to cut out bread as much as possible and coffee also makes me bloat. Still on my food journey and figuring it out. I’ve had tests done at the doctors but there weren’t any abnormalities so on we soldier.

  • Magnesium which helps reduce stress and aids you in sleeping longer.

  • Melatonin on occasion as I don’t like to rely on it too much, but if I’m feeling like I really need to sleep because I have a short amount of time to do so or I’m just not in the right head space I’ll take one 5mg dissolvable tablet.

  • Probiotics which aid in digestive support which I have found has aided in my bloating a little more. (When I remember to take them!)

Let me know in the comments below if you take any supplements or vitamins or what you do to combat your inner health problems.

Stay happy and healthy,

A x

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